Rose & Shore
5151 Alcoa Avenue,
Vernon CA 90058
Telephone: (323) 826-2144
Facsimile: (323) 826-2150

About Us

Rose & Shore is a privately held company established in 1968. The company is one of three affiliated processing companies located in a 70,000 square foot facility built in 2000 and located in Vernon, California. Rose & Shore’s main product lines are cooked deli meat products and assembled frozen foods. We have a wide range of cooking, processing and packaging capabilities which enable us to manufacture products as diverse as cooked pastrami, custom topped pizzas and individual tray packed servings of macaroni and cheese.

We manufacture products for wholesale, retail, foodservice and institutional users as well as other food processors. We have several strategic partners which allow us to broaden our product offerings and sales. Our Rose & Shore brand cooked pastrami, roast beef and corned beef is sold to distributors and quick service restaurants located throughout the Western United States. Rose & Shore processes USDA donated commodities into Rose & Shore and Bella Rose brand school foodservice products for schools in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho and Texas. Rose & Shore has been a national commodity processor since July 2012.

Rose & Shore is a niche pizza topper specializing in pizzas with unusual crusts and/or unique toppings and finishes. Working with local crust suppliers, we top many types of crusts ranging in size from 5” to 18”. Toppings include traditional items such as cheese, sausage and pepperoni as well as hand placed items such as fresh and IQF vegetables, diced, shredded and portioned proteins (beef, chicken, pork) and dry ingredients.

Rose & Shore cooks component proteins and fillings for further processors. The proteins are sold whole, diced, sliced and shredded. Fillings can include the protein, a sauce and other ingredients. Rose & Shore proteins and fillings are used in products such as tamales, burritos, soups, hand held products and entrees.

Rose & Shore’s commitment to food safety is evidenced by our British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety certification since 2010. Our plant incorporates many of the recent advances in safe food handling. We offer both nitrogen and CO2 freezing, we have an in-house laboratory and a fully equipped test kitchen. Rose & Shore operates two USDA inspected production shifts daily.