Rose & Shore
5151 Alcoa Avenue,
Vernon CA 90058
Telephone: (323) 826-2144
Facsimile: (323) 826-2150


Cooked Pastrami

Hand rubbed with our custom spice blend, Rose & Shore pastrami and New York style pastrami is fabricated from beef navels, eyes, flats, eye of rounds or briskets. Available in whole pieces, sliced or shaved. A California State Fair Gold Medal winner!

Roast Beef

Available in a variety of cuts, trims and flavor profiles, Rose & Shore roast beef can be custom cooked to a variety of finishes.

Corned Beef

Rose & Shore corned beef is fabricated from closely trimmed briskets which are cured to perfection.


Rose & Shore specializes in custom designed pizzas for private label applications. Our pizzas range in size from 5” to 18” and can be topped with virtually any commercially available topping. Our toppings can be melted and our pizzas are individually flash frozen. The finished pizzas are packaged in retail sealed chipboard, preprinted corrugated or packaged bulk in a master case.


Rose & Shore designs and manufactures a wide variety of entrées sold to retail establishments, food service operators, schools, airlines and other institutional customers. Entrée meals can be as simple as an individual serving of macaroni and cheese to as complex as sliced teriyaki beef, with sticky rice and a vegetable medley. The finished product can be packed in single serve or multiple serving preprinted chipboard packaging.


Rose & Shore processes frozen sandwiches and wraps almost daily for onward sale to schools, food service, retail and specialty customers. We use a variety of custom produced breads, wraps and tortillas from our bakery partners and our sandwiches can include spreads in addition to meats and cheeses. Finished products can be wrapped in ovenable, microwaveable preprinted or plain film or shrink wrapped. The sandwiches can be placed in preprinted chipboard or sleeves or can be individually labeled. Many of our sandwiches feature custom processed Rose & Shore proteins using beef, poultry or pork and this meat can be sliced, shredded, chunked, shredded or individually portioned.

Ethnic Foods

Rose & Shore deli meats, entrées, sandwiches and wraps span a wide variety of food styles including Italian, Hispanic, Asian and traditional home-style offerings.

Custom Ingredients

Rose & Shore meat component products are used by a number of food processors in their finished products. Protein items can be processed whole, portion sized or sliced, diced, stripped or shredded. Rose & Shore processes beef, poultry and pork products and some component ingredients include sauces.